About the Author


Hello, there! My name is Victoria Dühring.

(You pronounce our German-heritage surname/last name like: “to get up ‘during’ the night.”
Just pretend there isn’t a weird umlaut or an ‘h’! =D )

The Short Version:
(Gettin’ down to the nitty-gritty)

Wife, Mama to 2, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Niece, and Friend.
Broken Christian.
Elder Millennial and 90’s baby.
Huntress and firearm enthusiast.
Marketing Professional.
Event Coordinator.
Pilates Lover.
Novice Cyclist and Archer.
Foodie and traveller.
Texas born and bred; former resident of South Africa.
Afrikaner deur huwelik.
Taxidermist’s wife.
Safari Outfitter.
Macintosh product and software advocate.
Lover of all savory foods, and a big glass of sweet iced tea on a wrap-around porch.
Firm believer that grapes don’t belong in chicken salad, and not an aficionado of red wine or cucumbers.
(But give me all the white wine and pickles.)

I blog about all, some, or none of the above.

The Long Version:

I am a native born, proud Texan; The Hill Country is my home. I grew up on a large working ranch in Southwest Texas near a small agricultural town with a great atmosphere and strong community.
The Texas Counties of Uvalde, Kinney, Real, Edwards, Zavala, Medina, and Val Verde make up the region that raised me.

When I was 18 and just finishing up my first semester of college, I met my now husband, Siegfried “Ziggy”, a professional hunter visiting from South Africa, through a mutual friend in the teeny town of Brackettville. After he received his J-1 Student visa, we both attended college together for two years. Afterwards we moved to South Africa, got married there, and resided there for three years before moving back to Texas at the end of 2015.
(Whew. Let me tell you – moving internationally and all the paperwork that goes with it is a chore!)

  Wedding IMG_0003 IMG_0015

I truly delved into the South African culture while living there, and love it immensely. If I had not had the experience of living in South Africa I do not think I would be who I am today, or know so well what makes my husband tick since I can actually understand how he grew up and all the differences between our upbringings.

And now that we are raising two beautiful sons, ages 3 and an infant, that understanding is even more important so that we are able to be a good parent team and partnership.
We are extremely blessed to have the family we do and to have the opportunity to raise our boys in Texas.
We live on just under 5 acres and are further blessed to both have our own businesses and work from home.
While we may be surrounded by Mesquite trees and Guajillo brush outside our windows,
our home life consists of a melded blend of South Africa and Texas always.
We play a mix of country music and Afrikaans, and likewise the food I make is just as varied – some nights we have fajita tacos, others I make bobotie, geel rys, drie boontjie slaai, en melktert. ;) (And of course we BRAAI…)
I still sometimes have to restrain myself to say the ‘Texas words’ instead of the British/South African slang English words, such as ‘Dust Bin’ and ‘Robot’… some things have just stuck.

IMG_0043-0.JPG     11807401_993233030688448_2911526541435465144_o

Victoria 111518-16

We greatly enjoy the life we lead, which sometimes takes us all over the world, making friendships with many different people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.
In our free time, we enjoy being active participants in IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) competitions, spending (lots of) time at the shooting range, travelling, sightseeing, fishing, riding our mountain bikes wherever we can, and being frequent movie-goers.

I am always up for hearing comments of encouragement, the general ‘hello from _____’, or whatever question you may have. Feel free to contact me by going to the “Contact” page.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you stay tuned for all to come!
Welkom by my lewe, ‘n hoe gaan dit met jou?

All content is © 2014-2021 Victoria Duhring All Rights Reserved
Please visit the “Site Disclaimer” page for the full terms and conditions.
For some personal quirks and traits see the “Personal” category.

IMG_0939    IMG_1106

IMG_0995  IMG_0524  10320486_339888422831578_7759104408285073_n

IMG_0559   VLD SD

10714298_843322172346202_4805910496072803720_o  164272_581147411897014_1068797659_n  IMG_0838

21 thoughts on “About the Author

    1. I just found a comment that you left ages ago and it was in my spam. You were asking how I changed the name of my sight. I am hosted by Blue Host in correlation with WordPress. Are you still in SA?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, Jamie! I am actually back in the US- my husband received his permanent residency here, so we technically moved back- yet another reason to change my blog name. :) I think that if and when I upgrade to the paid platform, then I have the option to change my name. Hope all is well!


      2. Hi there, perhaps you have the wrong person. I don’t remember asking about a site name, but when I went back to my original comment, it was on the Texan in South Africa blog. I have unfortunately never lived in SA, but I am currently living in Bangladesh.


      1. They are truly a blessing. I lived a lot of life before I had my first at 36 and my last at 39. My teenager is my step son but his mother is nowhere in the picture and I have raised him since he was 8 and is now 15. I think you are doing everything right by living out your dreams first. I write about various things besides motherhood. Usually using a lot of sarcasm and tongue in cheek humor.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you! Just read your About, and believe it or not, my older sister who is 10 years older than me, (34) ALSO had three children in three years. For the past three years, every time I have come back home the newborn I met the year before would be a toddler and there would be another newborn!

        I’m a lover of sarcasm and puns, so i’ll be sure to pay attention to your posts in my reader as i’m sure i’ll enjoy them!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, there Tessa. I was already previously nominated for this award- but thank you so much!! :)
      I am interested in the other awards mentioned on your blog, the Liebster, Blogger Recognition, and One Lovely Blog- are those about the same as the Versatile Blogger being nomination based and like a run-on chain?

      You can see my Versatile Blogger Award info, facts, and nomination list here: https://texaninsouthafrica.wordpress.com/2015/10/30/the-versatile-blogger-award-facts-about-me/


      1. The Liebster, Recognition, and Lovely Blog are all of the same sort as the Versatile. The rules vary a little bit, but I think that people frequently tweak them when they repost, so I don’t know how any of them were in there original form.
        I’ll be looking at that post of yours, thanks for being such a wonderful blog to keep coming back to :)

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  1. Jinne – maar jy skryf oulik Afrikaans! Hou so aan. Nee, dit sal my nie pla as jy oor jagverhale skryf nie. My broers en hul vrouens is baie lief vir jag op hul plase.

    Maar, ekself verkies meer photografie, en is emosioneel intens lief vir die diere. Ekself jag nie. Die meeste fotos op my blog is geneem op Edeni Private Game Reservaat. Geniet jou vakansie en kom gou veilig terug.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hallo! Dankie- mar ek het bly hier vir twee jaare, so, ek is nie a vreemdeling tot Suid Africa nie. :) Dankie dit jy het gekom by my klien stukkie van die web af. Ons Sel Groep is baie awesome en ons waardeer hulle baie.

      Ons is ook mal oor ons diere, en daar is nie a mooier ding in the wêreld as in die bosveld te vees.

      Ek sien dit julle bly naby Hoedspruit af, dit is een of my gunsteling plekke in the hele van die land. Dit is so, so mooi. Ek hoop julle het nie to veel skade van die hail storm op Sondag nie.

      Ek het a bietjie van jou blog gelees, en het a klein vraag vir jou.

      “My broers het grootwildjagters geword met ‘n dors na bloed en skougewere terwyl ek meer van ‘n bewaring in myself gekweek het.”

      Ons jag baie, en doen taxidermy werk ook. Pla dit jou as dit ek oor jag vehale skryf? Ek hoop nie so. :)

      Dankie, Oom!


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