Pregnancy Excitement (and Woes)

Yay! Baby Dühring is expected March 1st, 2018!

We found out through a blood test pretty early on (16 weeks) that he is a boy and we have decided to name him Owen.


I am now almost 31 weeks along and this pregnancy journey has been an interesting ride so far. Although I am ‘due’ on March 1st, and have been so excited about a March birthdate baby, I have realized that due dates are set at 40 weeks, and ‘full term’ is 37-40 – so it is quite likely we will have a February baby. This recent realization only has me more excited that in around SIX weeks I could be holding our baby in my arms!


Although every person and each pregnancy is very different, I have learned a few things in my 1st and 2nd trimester experience:

Pregnancy ‘tales’ that hold true:
-The first trimester will be miserable.
Think living zombie mode 24/7 until you wake up on week 13 and it seems as if you have magically become a brand new once-again-functioning person. 1st trimester nausea is unrivaled in sucky-ness. There is no quick-fix feel-better cure, either. Ginger Ale only helped so much, and peppermint tea is terrible. You’ll feel sick because you haven’t eaten, and feel sick when you try to. I am immensely thankful that I only ‘got sick’ one time, and wasn’t best friends with the porcelain throne day in and day out, as many others I know were.

-Sleeping will become uncomfortable.
After about week 16, get used to building pillow forts.
Giant, ridiculous pillow forts.
If you don’t have at least a queen size bed to share with your spouse, things are going to get real uncomfortable, real fast. I am so thankful for our king size bed at the moment.
I love you, husband, but me and my pillows need our space.

-Clothing yourself will become a struggle.
I literally have no clothes anymore. I stare at my adorable dresses that now look like tunics when I put them on, with longing of wearing them. Even though I have re-discovered many old outfits and new ways to use them recently, I did finally break down about 6 weeks ago (23 weeks pregnant) and bought a few pairs of jeans, shorts, shirts, and dresses online. My yoga pants and leggings still technically fit me just fine – but the pressure from the elastic band on your lower abdomen is no bueno. Loose fitting clothes, that unfortunately only make you feel more whale-like, is the only way to go.

__________ is off-limits.
Who knew that the face wash i’ve been using since I was 13 years old (and 90% of all others) contains Salicylic Acid and that it can potentially be absorbed through your blood system and harm a fetus? I didn’t. Until it came up in an online pregnancy article. Also – Swordfish apparently contains an immense amount of mercury that could potentially harm your baby. Basically everything on earth can potentially harm your unborn child.
Can’t eat cold meat due to listeria concerns, so heat it up before you eat it. (Although sprouts apparently are the leading carrier of listeria and no one has mentioned to stay away from them…)
Can’t eat sushi.
Can’t take hot baths.
Can’t paint your nails.
Can’t dye your hair.
Can’t. Can’t. Can’t.
Basically – just use your own judgement. Don’t do a season of “Survivor” and live off of a swordfish diet and don’t get in a sauna or hot tub, but for heaven’s sakes, if you want to take a moderately hot bubble bath – chill out and do it.
I’m am so over terrifying myself about the what-if’s and shouldn’t-I’s at this point.

-People. Will. Touch. The. Bump.
They’ll come out of nowhere. They’ll be weird. You won’t know how to stop it from happening.
Thankfully i’ve only had one encounter with this so far – and i’ll be prepared with my ninja-chop on standby for the next perpetrator.
Who even decides that this is an acceptable thing to do to a complete stranger? Weird people, man, and they are out there.
I had a friend tell me that when she was pregnant and this happened to her, she would rub their belly until they stopped – awkward scenario? Yes. But blatantly enough to probably ensure they never do it again.

Pregnancy ‘tales’ that are just hype:
-Beware the terrible heartburn.
Meh. Haven’t had this happen yet – but every person is different, so i’ll just consider myself lucky in this department.

-You’ll eat everything in site.
I wouldn’t say that my eating has drastically increased. In the past few weeks I have been a little more ‘snack-ey’ than usual, (Thanksgiving and Christmas food has been everywhere!) ..but i’m not going food crazy. Sometimes I feel like I have a greater appetite, and other times I’m really not very hungry. I think that women just like to use pregnancy as an excuse to let their diet go.

….but that’s not to say that I haven’t gained weight! The biggest thing I have battled so far with pregnancy is my own emotions. I have always been a pretty slender person- I am 5’8″ and normally weight about 117 – 120 pounds-ish. That is technically ‘underweight’ on the BMI scale – but I think their ‘average’ is a little off anyway. I wouldn’t say I am (was) underweight. I don’t workout on a regular basis as I really need to do, but I can (could pre-pregnancy) go for a long hike just fine and don’t consider myself weak.

That being said, I am acutely aware of newfound cellulite, thighs that rub together that didn’t use to, and many crevices and folds in places that weren’t there before. I step on the scale lately, and expect the number to be in the high 140’s or low 150’s, and my heart skips a little bit. It is hard to feel beautiful while you also feel insecure in your ever-changing new body.
Yes, I’ve tried to give myself a break – “You are growing a tiny human!”- but a lot of times that is hard to do when you need to go out and buy new panties because the ones you own are cutting into your thighs.
It also doesn’t help that literally everyone I see, stranger or not, feels it necessary to bring my mind back to my body by asking me when i’m due, etc..  …and other times making comments while i’m eating about ‘eating for two’… Maybe i’m hypersensitive right now and need to cut people some slack – or maybe they all just need to learn to be more polite. I even had a family member tell me yesterday at Christmas that I am gaining weight in my face, which I didn’t think was happening until they decided to tell me that. Gee, thanks so much…

I am so excited to finally hold our baby in a few weeks, but I am also a little terrified about the postpartum process. I have no idea how painful recovery is going to be, or how long it will take before I feel ‘like myself’ again. I also know it is going to be some real hard work for me to get my body ‘back’ – although I am hoping to be more fit than I was before. Friends don’t let friends be skinny-fat, and y’all. I was. I didn’t regularly exercise and definitely had areas that I could tone up with some muscle – so hopefully jumping on the exercise wagon will develop good habits and encourage a toned body because of it.

Anyone out there have any third trimester or postpartum recovery tips?
Thanks for reading!

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