Goodbye, 2016!

Man, oh man. What a year, y’all.

We moved back to Texas, remodeled a tiny house, got a puppy (Boykin Spaniel- Xena), went skiing for the fist time, experienced Universal Studios and Disney Land, I got my braces off (HALLELUJAH), got a new car, bought my first compound bow and discovered the love of archery, got my concealed handgun license, became a Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunters Education Instructor, planned weddings, fed many-a-Giraffe, Kangaroo, and Camel, drove military tanks and fired artillery, and learned a lot about myself both professionally and personally.

I think that during the last week of December, most people tend to feel a bit reflective and introspective naturally – but this particular week of 2016 has me feeling that way much more than in years past.

This Friday, December 30th, will be my last day of work as Event Coordinator for the Ox Ranch due to my acceptance of a new position – as Executive Director of the Uvalde Area Chamber of Commerce. While I have immensely enjoyed my time with the Ox Ranch – I am so very excited for my new job! I feel so grateful for this opportunity and am extremely hopeful for all of the awesomeness 2017 surely has in store!

I LOVE that this year, we can wake up on Sunday, January 1st, 2017 and begin a new day, week, month, and year. How refreshing is that?!
I hope to begin that particular day with my husband and I sitting in a church pew, giving thanks for all that 2016 has brought us, and that 2017 will as well. 

A refection of 2016’s resolutions, notes on them, and edits for 2017:
Be more patient. 
Be more kind. 
Be less critical of myself and others. 
Develop better time management. 
Bring pilates back into my life as a daily routine. Errrr…. Yep- that’s back on.
Start running. 2017
-Hunt more. 2017
-Join a Texas IDPA group 2017
-Get my concealed handgun license. √ WHOOP WHOOP 
-Curse less. … … 2017
-Take. More. Pictures!! 
-Become a more confidant swimmer. 
-Take a beach vacation. √√
-Read more 2017
-Wake up earlier 2017
-Stop settling for throwing my hair in a bun- appearances matter! 
-Eat out less. 2017
-Plan our meals- and buy accordingly. 2017
-Create a financial budget. 2017
-Get more crafty. 2017
and last but not least,
-Blog more! 2017 – I definitely did not have time for this in 2016.
– Incorporate bible time daily

What is on your 2017 resolution list?
Thanks for reading! I hope you have a blessed and prosperous 2017 – Happy New Year!




9 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2016!

  1. First of all, you have a nice name ;)
    I don’t remember when I did new year resolutions list because I somehow manage to forget about everything… maybe my ny resolution should be not to forget about it? Haha
    Loved your post!

    Liked by 1 person

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