The ‘Six Day Notice’ Wedding

Oh, the wedding that I had six days to plan…
It turned out to be amazing!

I did accomplish everything on my checklist- and it all looked so beautiful.
As with all weddings, we ended up having some logistic problems (crises), but they were sorted out as well as could be, and sometimes you just have to remind yourself: “que sera, sera”.

They exchanged their nuptials under our custom-built cedar and chiffon chuppah adorned with a beautiful spray of flowers, and drove off into the sunset on our Abbott Tank.

The reception had to be my favorite part, though. Due to us not having any clients on the property over 4th of July weekend, and all of our wedding reception amenities still being under construction, we utilized the creek-front lodge for the dinner and reception. We had X5, 100′ string globe light strands stretching from our lodge deck out over the Live Oak trees along the creek, and several of the huge Oak’s almost fully wrapped in christmas light strands (although seeing my husband 30′ up in a tree, balancing while wrapping light strands around tree limbs almost gave me a premature death, I tell you…). It was truly beautiful once the set-up madness was all said and done.

I can’t wait until our next wedding!
(and until all of our wedding amenities are completed! May- I can’t wait for you!)

Photography: Sarah Kathryn Portrait Design
Cake: Haby’s Bakery Castroville
Makeup: Melissa Martinez | Doll Face Artistry
Hair : Felicia Martinez

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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