“We’re getting married… in SIX DAYS.”

Six. Seis. Ses. Sei. Sechs.

I’m currently on planning day #2- Sunday the third of July is their wedding date.

While I am so excited for us to have our first wedding on the property- there is so much to do!

Thankfully, I have already confirmed the most difficult service providers (with 6 days advance notice, and on a holiday weekend), and now just need to confirm some of the smaller details.

√ √= Scheduled, Approved, and Confirmed
= Quote received, awaiting approval to schedule.

  • Entertainment, D.J.- √ √
  • Floral, Soft Pastels, and everywhere- √ √
  • Three Tier Wedding Cake- √ √
  • Digital Wedding Invitation- √ √
  • Corporate Group Rate for Hotel- √ √
  • Shuttle Service to/from Ranch/Hotel-
  • Corporate Group Rate for Car Rentals- √ √
  • Hair Stylist- √ √
  • Makeup Artist- √ √
  • Guest List- √ √
  • Table Settings- √ √
  • Decor Rentals- √ 
  • Lighting- √ 
  • Wait Staff-  
  • Photographer- √ 
  • Videography- √ 
  • Chuppah Buy/Build-
  • Confirmation of Menu-
  • Paper goods (Menu/Room Welcome Cards)-
  • Fireworks-

It is definitely coming along!

I need to finalize some of the decor materials (Building or buying a Chuppah, and renting chair sashes, cloth napkins, and table cloths to go with color palette) and confirm some of the vendors (although photographers and videographers are a dime a dozen) and then we are set and ready for the “I do”s!

It’s going to be beautiful! Stay tuned for photos!

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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