Your First Safari

I’ve been meaning to do this post for quite sometime now… but there is so much to tell it’s almost impossible to put it all together! Luckily- I DID put it all together- in our Safari Brochure! So what better way to share that with you?


I love this quote so much! It perfectly describes the emotion you’ll feel from your first safari.

Now, each African country is completely different, but i’ve gotta say i’m pretty partial to South Africa- it’s the only African country you can go on Safari to and not have to worry about lots of immunizations you haven’t already had- Malaria is very rare, and Yellow Fever is only up north around the equator. Plus, most in South Africa speak English as their second language, so speaking barriers are unlikely.
South Africa is the perfect country for your first safari, or a safari with your family- Great food, elegance, safety, electricity and running water, excellent hospitality, AND every animal you can think of in its native environment. Additionally, your heart can sing knowing that your dollars spent, whether through your camera button or trigger finger, go directly to the conservation of habitats, breeding of species, local families, and outreach and research. Safaris drive the African economies like no other!

*Please note as you view the images and words below: they are our personal words and photos taken and put together through many hours of hard work and miles traveled across varying landscapes- please respect them and don’t use them yourself, unless granted permission. :) Thank you!

“In a country that offers a truly astounding variety of animals, plants, and birds, hunting proves to be the challenge that it should be. We believe that a safari should combine excitement with safety, and that the conservation of our heritage is a matter of the highest priority. We believe that the Client, whether equipped with rifle, bow, fishing rod, or camera, should be treated with the utmost consideration and that our dealings with him/her should at all times reflect the highest of ethical standards.” – Andreas Dühring Safaris’ Company Mission Statement

ADS Brochure 2016 General Info

ADS Brochure 2016 Daily

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And that about covers any question you may have!
If you have any other questions, please feel free to either comment on here, contact me via email, or visit us on our Facebook page!

ADS Brochure 2016 Cover

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17 thoughts on “Your First Safari

    1. It should DEFINITELY be on your list! :) It is the most amazing experience – and you just can’t ever get enough of it! I’ve lived there for the past three years, have visited for the four years before that several times, and I still learn so much and see new things every time I go!


      1. That’s incredible! The boyfriend and I just recently went to a Sportsmens Expo and there were soooo many hunting tours set up and I had no idea how many were in Africa, New Zealand, and Australia!

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      2. Yep! It can get pretty overwhelming- Tomorrow through February 6th is the Safari Club International (SCI) convention in Las Vegas, and unfortunately we aren’t attending this year, but there are SO many exhibitors from all over the world it gets a little crazy!


      3. Yes- My husband’s father started the company in the 90’s and we have essentially taken over. My husband is a fully licensed dangerous game professional hunter and hunting outfitter. :) So we book and operate all our own hunts, and my father-in-law’s company does all of the dipping, packing, and exporting of the trophies across the globe- so literally every safari aspect is handled by the same family which is pretty rare in Africa.

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      4. Oh trust me, I’m definitely keeping this in mind! I guess I’ve always been afraid of Africa because of disease and all the shots you have to get, and all the struggles over there with the people that live there.

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      5. Good to hear! Most of those worries in South Africa are non-existent – no vaccines needed and where we go on our Safaris are probably the safest you can get on earth- besides maybe getting attacked by a buffalo or hippo. ;) But we make sure that doesn’t happen! Hehe

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    1. You should! We could do an ALL GIRLS #HuntressesUnited Safari! :) I don’t think that an all-girl, Professional Hunter/Hunting Outfitter/Landowner/Hunting Party safari has EVER been done! I’ve been thinking about doing my PH license since i’m a resident and can do so… :) Ah, a girl can dream.

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