Update; NaBloPoMo Results

Well hello, hello there, long-lost friends!

As previously mentioned in my last post – we have been so busy since landing back in Texas- and I mean exceptionally busy! We have done our own tiling, flooring, paving, and all sorts of other remodeling projects. We are still getting our clothes out of a suitcase every day, but I do finally get a kitchen sink and cabinets installed in TWO days!
Bietjie bietjie maak baie! (← one of my most favorite Afrikaans sayings, and it translates to ‘little by little, makes a lot’!)
Moving to another country always has its little battles! Still on my list is to sort out medical insurance and university documents- but I am registered for classes! Bachelors of Arts of Interdisciplinary Studies, here I come! ….but give me a year and a half. :)

As for NaBloPoMo:

Stats from October:Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 3.31.13 PM
3 Blog Posts
142 Views from
81 Visitors from
20 Countries
+3 New Followers

Stats from November:
21 Blog Posts
410 Views from
226 Visitors from
26 Countries
+31 New Subscribed Followers!

I’d say that was a vast improvement! A huge ‘Thank you!‘ to all of my new followers for subscribing to my blog!

What I learned from participating in NaBloPoMo:

  • Not to be too tedious over posts.
  • A post doesn’t have to be article-length.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • A blog post can be over whatever I want- it is my blog, after all.
  • Interact with other blogs and they’ll reciprocate!
  • More posts are more fun.
  • TAKE MORE PICTURES while living life! If you don’t take them, you won’t have them!

Did you participate in a NaBloPoMo challenge? What were your results/lessons learned?

Stay tuned for more updates to come soon!


One thought on “Update; NaBloPoMo Results

  1. I participated in nablopomo and I learned to try to stop overthinking and just go with the flow when writing. The words flowed better when I did so. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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