As Close To Oblivion

 Here I am, once again at Brooklyn mall, pretty tipsy off of one glass of TriBeCa’s house Sauvignon Blanc, listening to none other than Robbie Wessels’ Grootste Treffers- the one at the moment being “Leeuloop”.  I just finished eating some super awesome chicken strips (my favorite) and it was such a huge serving, that it could have easily fed two. My super amazing cappuccino just arrived, and I’ve gotta tell you, that is certainly one thing I’m going to miss in upcoming weeks- the amazing coffee everywhere you go in South Africa.
 Seriously- this culture enjoys their coffee! I have been exceptionally spoiled with gourmet, properly made, high quality, coffee in the variety of cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and filter coffee that hasn’t been sitting in a pot since 6:00AM. Ah, South African coffee, how I will miss you so.

When I first visited here, just over five years ago, it was so strange to me that literally everywhere I went, at anytime of day, people not only were drinking coffee, but expected you to as well! But now? I’m practically a local. Whether it is 6:00AM, 12:00PM, or 8:00PM, this girl will enjoy a cup of coffee- preferably a latté with one spoon of sugar.

So here I sit, still at TriBeCa, trying to wait out and type off my little wine buzz while munching on fries, now listening to “Waar Ly Jy Vannand” completely oblivious to my surroundings due to my super awesome earphones.

These are not your typical earphones that i’m using- they are in-ear, discreet,  custom-made to my ear- they literally block out all sound- which can be quite odd when sitting in a high-traffic restaurant. They put me in a total state of oblivion- I can see everyone but my sense of hearing is totally consumed with Robbie Wessels. It’s probably the closest I’ll ever be to understanding how the deaf live. It’s so surreal to be completely isolated from sound, and that’s not the wine talking, y’all.  

What are these amazing, complete isolation, earphones you ask? They are called Puretone Music Monitors, and they were originally made for professional musicians and D.J.’s. They’re pretty awesome. We have a similar thing for our shooting hearing protection, but that’s a post for another day. 😉

Good news! My wine has worn off, so now off to run a million errands, I go! ☺️ See y’all tomorrow!

P.s. I typed this the day before- on Friday! See how sneakily and effectively I can complete NaBloPoMo! 😄

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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