Life in Limbo

It isn’t unusual for the week before our international departure to be a bit hectic; our lives go into a kind of limbo, even more than it usually is…

There are countless things to do:
*Get rid of all of the perishables from the fridge and pantry.
*Clean. the. whole. house.
*Service and prepare our vehicles that will be driven very minimally for the following months.
*Pack all clothes we want to take with us- which is always an immense hoard of winter clothing…
*Decide on and pack all of the other things we do or don’t want to bring with us- Mountain bikes? Bow? Mohair Coat? Play Station? Fishing Poles?
*and, the most difficult of all to manage- Spending time with family and friends.

It is 100km roundtrip from our house to Pretoria and back, and we have gone there every day for the past four days, and will for the next four as well. Thats 800km minimum, people. Lots of driving! It is all worth it, though. We really value each group of people we get to see every time, even if it means spending lots of money on eating out countless times. :) We never really know just when we may get to see them again, and a lot can happen in 3-6 months while we are away. So, even though it adds to our travel stress quite a bit, we still make sure to see everyone before we leave each time.

There is just SO much to do, though!

I literally dusted off our luggage yesterday, and today I turned our bedroom and guest room into organized shambles with piles of clothes taking up every available flat surface. Oh, the travel joys! Once our departure day gets here, it will all be exciting and we can breathe a sigh of relief… for 22 hours before we get stressed all over again about the things we need to do once we land.

It is always nice to get back to Texas just in time for Thanksgiving- it pretty much forces us to chill out and take it easy, and is also like a ‘welcome home party’ with all of the family and friends we get to see from all over the state.

Here’s looking to more packing tomorrow!


Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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