Never-ending Laundry

Laundry is just one of those never-ending chores.
Laundry, Dishes, Sweeping, Mopping… As soon as you thought they were done, they are ready to be done all over again.

When I first moved to South Africa, I wasn’t too pleased with the fact that no one uses tumble dryers here- everyone hangs their clothes out on drying racks.

But shortly thereafter, I fell in love with laundry all over again.

It is so peaceful to go outside, listen to some music, and hang up clothes that dry in the sunny breeze. I may even put one up at our house in Texas, I enjoy it so much.

The outside drying racks almost always look like this, and they are planted on a pivoting pipe, so it can completely spin 360* continuously.
Arial View: They can hold a lot of clothes!

There are a couple of disadvantages of not having a tumble dryer… one of them being if it’s cold outside, it takes a long time for the clothes to dry, and it isn’t the most fun to hang them up. And the other, probably obvious weather disadvantage, is if it’s raining, or starts to after you have already hung them up. That’s definitely no fun. I do miss just being able to pop a wrinkly top into the dryer for a few minutes to make it look crisp without ironing when i’m in a hurry.. but despite the few weather related problems, I still love hanging up our clothes outside. :) I just wouldn’t mind having a tumble dryer inside for a backup on a few occasions…

Where do you live? Does everyone use a tumble dryer or hang up their clothes outside? Do the drying racks look like this, or different?
Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Never-ending Laundry

  1. The wife once said, that she doesn’t mind doing laundry, I must just buy her a washing machine… The next day a brand new Samsung Eco Silent Drum, or something was delivered! I have since bought a tumble dryer, of those washing lines that you can fold up next to your wall, and a dish washer… I’ll buy them, but I don’t want to use them…


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