“Excuse Me.”

Alright. You caught me. I missed posting yesterday. 😩 and I was doing so good! Two whole weeks! Only to have my lazy Sunday interrupt my perfect cycle. Ah, it’s still a personal record, anyway. NaBloPoMo is really just there for inspiration, and inspire me it has!

So, here I am today, at the Brooklyn Mall here in Pretoria sipping on some yummy coffee from the not-so-South-African Seattle Coffee Company. Lol This will probably be my last time at Brooklyn for at least six months, so you’d think I’d go and get coffee at TriBeCa, but no, I came here. I just didn’t want to walk further, okay! 😉

I am here because some African folklore children’s books I ordered for Christmas gifts came in, and I had to find TWO unisex gifts under R100! That’s $10, people! Do you know how hard that is??? Hard. But I succeeded.  Kinda. It’s two R100 gifts that combined make one thing- a mini Christmas tree. :) Since it’s a white Christmas gift exchange with our Sel Groep (couples bible study group), I figured a couple would find out a way to get the two parts of it together. It’ll make it interesting, at least.

While meandering around the mall today, I noticed, once again, a stark difference between the cultures of South Africa and Texas. And, this particular difference, well, it irks me. A lot. That little difference is saying “Excuse Me.”. People here don’t do it! I have yet to encounter someone that will say that to me when needing to pass by me in a small space, and it’s so annoying! Not to mention it makes it awkward…

I mean, if you are close enough to me to smell my purfume, you are in my comfort bubble (which is a thing that the ‘local’ populous does NOT understand to begin with), and it’s weird to not say “Excuse me”! “Excuse me” is like, “oh, hey there. No, I’m not trying to rob or grope you, I just need to invade your personal space enough to squeeze by you.”

If at any point I say it, as either the passer or passee, well, mass confusion strikes. They either think I want their attention to ask a question, or that I’m being rude. When I do need to pass by someone, I still say it, but people get confused, I’m telling ‘ya. It really doesn’t make sense to me why, though. I mean, in Afrikaans you also get, “Excuse me”, it’s “Verskoon my, asseblief.” which is actually “Excuse me, please”. But it exists! It’s not unheard of! I just don’t understand why it’s not a normal thing to say to someone here. Blows my mind, and yes, annoys me quite a bit.

End of Rant.

Now my coffee’s cold and I need to somehow drive to the dentist while avoiding a hailstorm. Eek!

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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