A Lifetime of Decisions

We make decisions every minute of everyday.
Conscious ones, unconscious ones, all the time.
Some we are thankful for for the rest of our lives.
Some we regret for the rest of our lives.
But every one, even the smallest one, does effect us.
Forgetting our keys and walking back inside the house?
Those two minutes could have saved you from a life-altering car crash, or put you in one.

I know i’m going a bit deep here… but I had a call this morning that a very good friends’ mother passed away last night, and that can evoke some daily-thankfulness thoughts in a person.

Today, I’m thankful for each minute I get to spend with each person on this planet. If we all lived like that each day, then the world would be a much better place. If we were truly thankful and appreciative of being with the people we know every time we are with them, instead of thinking about a million other ‘more important’ things (because that’s what we make them when we aren’t appreciating a moment given to us by God to be with another of his children, we make that thought, or object, a phone perhaps, more important) then the passing of someone wouldn’t be so frightening after the fact. I remember the last time I saw her, it was Mother’s Day. I don’t didn’t know her so well, so we only exchanged a few sentences. If only I had appreciated that moment, maybe I would have gotten some advice or heard a life-story from a little old woman that was born in Italy, lived in Switzerland, moved to South Africa, and took care of a family and loved all she met her whole life.

Reading a favorite blog just a moment ago, her post was also full of past regrets. Sometimes we need to live in the moment, but sometimes, living in the moment instead of looking to the future also leads to regrets. Just talk to the girl that had lots of boyfriends in High School instead of focusing on her studies and waiting for a real prince charming to show up. If only someone that she had interacted with during those tumultuous years would have paused and talked some sense into her. And if only she would have listened, because she probably wouldn’t have.
If you haven’t figured it out yet, i’m ‘her’, by the way.
Maybe each of those little decisions, however regretful they may be, led me to the amazing life that I have today. You never know. If I would have stayed the path of the perfect straight and narrow, I wouldn’t have met the amazing people I did during those years, or have ended up exactly where I needed to be in order to have met my real prince charming.  So all of my regrets for not attending a big university, or for not continuing sports in High School, or for giving into my extreme case of Senior-itis, may just be regretted in vain, because what life would I have if I had made the ‘right’ decisions?

I’m sure this story resonates with many current and past High School girls, and maybe, just maybe, I went through all that I did in order for me to have a testimony that may help another girl in High School one day.
So, to you, former friend or boyfriend that may end up reading this one day- Thanks for getting me to the amazing life that I have today, and thanks for all the memories.

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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