10 Funny Afrikaans Animals

It’s almost 4:00 in the afternoon over here in sunny South Africa, and this girl doesn’t have just so much to say today. So, in honor of NaBloPoMo, I’ll share with you some Afrikaans words that I find to be quite funny. It’s a very descriptive language, so sometimes direct translations can be pretty entertaining- with the animal names taking the cake. Enjoy!

Afrikaans Word: Ystervark 
Direct Translation: Iron Pig
English Word: Porcupine

Afrikaans Word: Jagluiperd
Direct Translation: Hunting Lazy Horse
English Word: Cheetah

Afrikaans Word: Kameelperd
Direct Translation: Camel Horse
English Word: Giraffe

Afrikaans Word: Muishond
Direct Translation: Mouse Dog
English Word: Mongoose

Afrikaans Word: Stinkmuishond
Direct Translation: Stinking Mouse Dog
English Word: Skunk

Afrikaans Word: Vlêrmuis
Direct Translation: Flying Mouse
English Word: Bat

Afrikaans Word: Skoenlapper
Direct Translation: Flapping Shoe
English Word: Butterfly

Afrikaans Word: Vlakvark
Direct Translation: Shallow Pig
English Word: Warthog

Afrikaans Word: Seekoei
Direct Translation: Sea Cow
English Word: Hippo

Afrikaans Word: Rooibok
Direct Translation: Red Buck
English Word: Impala

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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