Sunday Funday 🍃🌲🚴🏻

Ahhh the laziness of yesterday was made up for today.

We are at Rosemary Hill today, but aren’t here for their fabulous morning or afternoon tea- we came to cycle.

Rosemary Hill is located just east of Pretoria and they are well-known for having a truly awesome mountain biking trail. (6km/10km) …but I’ve gotta admit – I chickened out and stopped at the 5km mark. My husband kept going and did the full 10km’s. He said it was awesome. It has a huge hill, and several tricky parts. And if he is saying they’re tricky, you better be a bit experienced to handle them. He also said you ride through abandoned buildings, and there are portions where you can choose the ‘chicken’ or ‘bull’ path. The first 5km’s that I can tell you about from experience, has about six spots with little hill-bridges and a whole forest portion with some tight turns.


The first little bridge ramp- by far the smallest, but the only one I could get a picture of easily.


It was a lot of fun, and I am really proud of myself for doing it.


After our cycle (or rather, after husband finished) we decide to have a bite to eat at the restaurant.

It was FULL of cyclists!

We both ordered a wrap… But their wraps are definitely unique. It’s like a cross between a vetkoek and a plaaskoek.. So it’s basically a thick greasy wanna-be tortilla. I told the staff if they wanted, I would give them a tortilla recipe, but they took it as a complaint rather than a friendly offering. Whoops. In hindsight, we probably would have enjoyed one of their scrumptious looking salads much more instead.

All in all, a good day- and it’s only 10:30AM!

This is my first time posting off of my phone app, and I’ve gotta say, it works pretty well.

After cleaning up and throwing on some nicer clothes with preferrably no Lycra, we are gonna go see what Pretoria has in store for us – maybe even catch a movie.

‘Till tomorrow!

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