Saturday Blues

This is a pity post.
It’s existence is merely due to my vow to complete NaBloPoMo this month.

Even though it’s only 1:25pm at this exact moment, and there is still more of the day to happen, it has not been the most amazing day. Not that every day has to be amazing to have meaning.
Today means that I was able to relax and have time all to myself at home.
Sometimes that is good for mental well-being.
Sometimes it means you go stir-crazy.

Now that my husband is back home from the shooting range, we have decided we want to go fishing. But man, is it hot outside. My weather app says that it is about 88*F, but this Texan thinks it feels quite a bit warmer.
Oh, what I would give to be able to go float the Frio river right now…

Friends of ours want us to meet up with them for a wine tasting at 4:00pm… but it’s too hot to fix my hair and put on makeup- so I don’t think that plan is going to make.

I’m currently a lethargic, stir-crazy, homesick Texan.

This may come as a shocker, but most homes in South Africa (and i’m talkin’ like 99% of homes, even well-to-do ones), don’t have central air and heat. Your lucky if they even have a fireplace, but I still have as of yet to find one that has air conditioning. They all just open the windows. But when it’s hot outside, with very little if any breeze? You are stuffy inside, which makes you lazy, and it’s too hot outside to do anything either. If our house had air-conditioning, I would probably have a lot more energy right now. I’d read my book, bake some brownies, do some pilates… but all of that sounds like no fun when it’s stuffy inside due to no air conditioning. :(

I think i’ll eat some ice-cream, throw on a swim suit (they call them cozzies, or costumes here), get together our lures and poles, and go find some water with fish in it down the road. That sounds like a beat-the-African-heat plan.

‘Till tomorrow!

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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