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Hello again! Two days in a row- I haven’t failed at NaBloPoMo, yet! Whoop!

While taking part in this challenge, I want to see if posting more often produces more traffic to my blog- or if longer article-like posts less often (as I have done before), have similar results.

Here are what my stats looked like for 2015, on Sunday evening the 1st of November, just before starting NaBloPoMo.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 10.50.39 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.15.59 AM

That’s 1,022 views from 656 visitors- quite an increase from my first year in 2014!
In September and October the number of visitors was right at 80 for each month, with the month of March being the most popular with 276 visitors! I’m very interested to see what will happen during November with NaBloPoMo!

The most popular countries are:
The US
South Africa
The UK

So, you, right now, yep- you, why don’t you let me know in the comments section where you are reading from! I would love to hear from you!

Another blog logistic I am interested in, is the ease-of-use of my site.
Have you used the pop-out widget (top-righthand-corner) to access the other pages or posts?
If so, did you find it easily?

I have worked really hard trying to make my blog easy to navigate and nice to look at, and always wonder if other people like the layout as much as I do. I have visited numerous other blogs where the author is either operating under a pseudonym or completely anonymous, or they have an author name, but there is absolutely no direct info to where they are from or otherwise. (That just doesn’t seem too welcoming to me- but then they have hundreds of comments on their posts! I don’t get it..) Another common layout problem (or at least, I think it’s a problem) that I have seen, is where the blog is just a jumble of posts on one page, with no way at all to navigate between subjects.

So please, dear reader, should my blog not provide you with enough information to make you feel welcome, or be difficult to navigate at all, let me know and i’ll do my upmost to change it!

See you again tomorrow! :)

2 thoughts on “Blog Stats

  1. I’m reading from Abuja, Nigeria! I found the pop-up widget only because you specified where it was :) but I guess I would have found it eventually. This is my first NaBloPoMo and I’m enjoying it so far.

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