Happy Halloween!

…and a very Happy 16th Birthday, to my oldest nephew, Tate (AKA: TaterTot)!

I am trying really hard to incorporate shorter posts into my blog, so that I can have more content more regularly. One of the downfalls of being a writing perfectionist, is taking forever to draft, edit, and finalize a post.. and it also usually results in a lot of words to read! oops!

Since we are almost never in South Africa for Christmas, we always try to find a way to do something special with my husbands’ family before we go back to the US each November.
(We spent Christmas day here in South Africa four years ago, and let me tell ya, it was weird. A hot Christmas? No, thank you. It’s the last day of October today, and it’s 88*F outside! Dis warm, manne!)

This year, we decided to go to Montecasino and see a theatrical performance- one of my most favorite things to do! (We saw “Mamma Mia!” for Mother’s Day, and last August we watched “The Sound of Music” which was fantastic.) Our family Christmas celebration, happens to be today, on Halloween! Not the most traditional, I know. But, hey- International marriages call for some improvising sometimes, especially when holidays are involved. The performance we are seeing today, in a mere 3 1/2 hours, happens to be “Sweeney Todd”!


I am not normally one for thrillers of any kind, so I really hope that this isn’t too scary- I mean, how scary can a musical really be?
I guess we’ll  find out soon!

Montecasino is kind-of like a mini-Las Vegas. They really tried to maintain the big-time casino decor theme of making you feel like your strolling outside in a little Italian villa with cobblestone walkways and roads. The casino floor is about 1/15th of the size of the one at MGM, and the dealers aren’t the best, but hey- blackjack is blackjack!

I still have my hair in a bun, am wearing my tank top and comfy shorts, and have dishes to do before we need to leave in an hour- so off I go to get all gussied up!
(I said that to the husband a little while ago, and he asked me what that meant. lol. Oh, the Texan-isms. They don’t ever leave your vocabulary- i’m telling’ ya!)

Does your family celebrate Halloween? Let me know!
Be safe and have a great day!

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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