Scones and Strawberry Creme

Ahhh.. the English culture spread its’ roots in South Africa long ago, and the best part of that would be the culinary influences it brought with it.  Tea time, anyone?

My husband loves scones. Absolutely loves them. Once I made them myself, I easily saw (or rather tasted) why. Warm yumminess that is similar yet sweeter than a southern biscuit, with strawberries and creme oozing out from the middle. You just have to eat them once to truly understand why tea time became a cultural staple- setting aside a time to sit quietly and enjoy some hot tea with a side of this wonderful creation is good for the soul.

Here is my recipe, that has been slightly adapted from the BBC Food’s original recipe.
It really doesn’t take long to make at all- give it a try, your tastebuds (and spouse) will thank you!
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