She’s in love with a MacBook

I wasn’t partial to any specific make of computer- Until I met my MacBook just over a month ago.

It was daunting at first- trackpad gestures and finder to name a few. But oh, how my love has grown.

I must admit, the first couple of days after getting my MacBook, I thought that I wouldn’t ever learn how it all works. But oh my good-golly, it is amazing! After the first week, I had it all down. Now, my phone and computer work seamlessly and efficiently together. If you have an iPhone and enjoy it- I strongly suggest taking the leap and buying a MacBook.

I particularly enjoy the Family Share features- it enables my husband and myself to share all of our iTunes purchases- including apps! It also makes so that when I create a ‘Family’ event on iCal- he is also notified of the event on his phone also! Priceless!

Another plus is there are so many different apps- for practically any use you could think of!

The ones that I have downloaded so far and enjoy are:

Todoist– this app is pretty awesome for making todo lists. It even has the option to sort your lists by project type. (i.e. Work, Personal, Shopping, etc.)

Microsoft Office, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint– These are pretty self explanatory. I have heard a lot of bad things previously about how the Microsoft for Mac doesn’t work well, but they were wrong. They work perfectly fine. I should probably delete Microsoft Outlook, though. I have come to prefer iMail.

Dropbox– Because it’s awesome, and everyone should have dropbox. I can use this app to store, say, our 150GB 12 page Brochure, and then forward the link in an email to a client. It’s awesome.

and last but definitely not least: Contacts Journal CRM.
This. app. is AMAZING! If you have to keep up with multiple clients and your correspondence with them- you need this app! Did I mention it syncs with your contacts app through the cloud onto your phone? So much awesome sauce.

In short- I am in love with my MacBook.

Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!

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